Our Programs


Through the use of school liaisons, literacy classes for parents and students, after school programs, and other efforts, Springdale Public Schools has built an ambitious district-wide effort to reach our English language learners and their families. Thirty-seven percent of Springdale school teachers are English Second Language (ESL) certified, meaning those teachers are experts in second language acquisition. Our ESL department serves over 8,050 current ESL students and continues to monitor over 4,000 students that have graduated from the program.

In addition to focusing on the classroom, we also have a strong focus toward building relationships with parents. We believe that supporting our students and their families also supports our community by building a strong partnership to help everyone succeed.

For parents, the Springdale Family Literacy Program (SFLP) is unique because of our collaboration with NorthWest Technical Institute, where parents participate in four components of the SFLP model each day:

Parent Time
Adult ESL
Children Learning
Parents and Children Together Time
Our SFLP model is the largest of its kind in the nation and recognizes around 250 parent participants each year at the SFLP celebration ceremony.

The ESL Department also offers support through translation services, interpreters, and helping students as they prepare to enter college or the workforce.


EAST is an exciting, Arkansas-based, worldwide initiative that stands for Education Accelerated by Service and Technology. Its mission is to provide students the opportunity to have relevant, individualized, life-changing educational experiences with a service-based focus. Springdale Schools recognizes the importance and impact of service based learning. Our students gain a connection to our community, and our community gains a generation of young people who care about where they live and are willing to make a commitment to improvement.

Provided with an array of cutting-edge technologies, students in EAST choose which technologies they’d like to use and work together to apply those in solving community problems. In an EAST classroom, students have access to thousands of dollars worth of hardware and software similar to that being used in business and industry, such as:

CAD Software
3D Modeling and Printing
3D laser scanning
Video Editing programs
360 Degree Video
Virtual and Augmented Reality
Geo Infographic Systems (GIS)
With 23 EAST programs, Springdale Schools has the largest EAST program in the world. And we are still growing. Our individual school programs continue to gain top honors at annual EAST Conferences, year after year. Springdale Schools programs have received five Founder’s Awards, the highest possible honor from the annual national EAST conference. At the 2019 conference, Springdale EAST programs were winners and finalists in 36 categories.

Photo of an outdoor Classroom.

Outdoor Classroom

Learning outdoors is a fun, novel experience for kids. Whatever subject they are studying, being outside can increase student interest and engagement in the lesson. And the effects last long after they have returned indoors, as recent studies have shown a significant increase in focus once students return to the classroom. For all of us, being outside reduces stress, increases alertness, improves mood, and improves immune function. And students who are healthier, calmer, and more alert simply learn better.

Our out doorclassroom at Smith Elementary outdoor has gardens feature collaboration spaces, butterfly gardens, and plants that are native to Arkansas.